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At Cinerea Urban Forestry Services all of your tree care needs are met with the highest level of quality, expertise, professionalism, and care. Owned and operated by ISA Board Certified Master Arborist ON-1686BM. We have extensive experience working in all the municipalities within 100km of Toronto. Rest assured that you are in the best care when it comes to dealing with trees.

Do you require a tree permit (arborist report + tree protection plan) for your new build or addition?

Long overgrown cedar hedge?

Do you have an overgrown tree(s) that need pruning?

Do you have any hazardous, dying, or dead trees that need to be removed?

Trust a highly skilled and qualified expert to handle all your tree needs. Call Cinerea Urban Forestry Services today

Listed below are services we offer: 

Tree Removal, Pruning, & Planting 

Arborist Reports & Tree Protection Plans

Tree Preservation Plans

Cedar Hedge Maintenance

Tree Protection Fencing Installation 

Replanting Plans

ISA Tree Risk Assessments

Professional Advice & Witness Testimony

Tree Health Care & Diagnostics

Integrated Pest Management


Cabling + Bracing + Brace Rod Installation

Air Spading

Root Pruning

Post Failure Investigations

Heritage Tree Evaluations

Butternut Health Assessments

Tree Appraisals

Firewood (Sold by the bush cord, 128 ft3)


Frequently Asked Questions & Info

What you should look for in an arborist

As arboriculture is not a red seal trade in Ontario, anyone can call themselves an arborist, even someone with 0 experience or training. As a bare minimum, an arborist you hire should have the ISA Certified Arborist credential. You can verify anybodys ISA credentials here https://www.treesaregood.org/findanarborist/verify. Anyone you hire to work on your trees should hold liability insurance that protects you from getting sued and covers potential property damage. A portfolio of completed work is also helpful (photos on instagram/facebook/website).

How much do you charge for tree removal?

Price for tree removal depends on many factors including number of trees, size, proximity to targets (fences, houses, vehicles, utility lines), and structural integrity of tree.

Is my tree safe?

We will be able to provide a general structural assessment of your upon an initial site visit. If you would like any advanced assessment of your tree we offer the industry standard ISA Tree Risk Assessment from one of our qualified TRAQ arborists.

Do you offer a cash discount?

No. As a registered business we claim all of our revenue and expenses. We are subject to paying tax on all of our income just like you.

Whats that bug killing all the trees?

Most likely Emerald Ash Borer Agrilus planipennis. An invasive bark boring insect from China that cuts off ash trees' vascular system by larval tunneling.


Arborist Reports + Tree Preservation Plans require a 50% deposit upon completion of initial site visit. Balance due upon completion of reports.



Mark Ellis - Owner/Operator

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist # ON-1686BM

ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist # ON-1686BM

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) & ISA Ontario Member

Tree Care Industry Association Member

ASCA Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualification

MOECC Butternut Health Assessor #532

Ontario Certified Seed Collector #383 

Ontario Heritage Tree Evaluator 

Ontario MOE Pesticide License #046418 (Forestry, Industrial Vegetation, & Landscape Exterminator)  

Working At Heights – Fundamentals of Fall Protection (IHSA) 

Fall Protection (CICT)  Line Clearing – Safety & Awareness (IHSA)

OFSWA Chainsaw Operator Certification  

Arboriculture Canada – Technical Tree Falling & Cutting  

Current First Aid & CPR Level A & B 

Certified Ontario Tree Marking Course  

SP-102 Forest Industry Wildland Firefighting course

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